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To install the admin pack

  • Download the WSP File to your SharePoint server.
  • Open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell (Start > All Programs > Microsoft SharePoint 2010 products)
  • Type in
    • Add-SPSolution c:\pathtofile\AdminPack.wsp
  • Press Enter
  • Type in
    • Install-SPSolution –Identity AdminPack.wsp –WebApplication http://YourSiteURL -GACDeployment
  • Press Enter

Afte that completes, browse to your site.
  • Go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Collection Features
  • To enable the web parts, activate Admin Pack v0.1: Webparts
    • Once activated, the web parts will be available in the Admin Pack folder.
  • To enable the workflow organizer, activate Admin Pack v0.1: Workflow Organizer
    • Once activated, the Workflow Organizer link will be available on the workflow settings page.

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mvandeneijnde Dec 1, 2011 at 2:42 PM 
Hello David,

We have installed and uninstalled the admin pack.
After the uninstall the existing workflows are not triggered anymore on create or changed.
Any idea what might cause this?
If not can you please explain what is installed (modified) with the installation?

Kind regards,